View Full Version : dead cat in bower

18-Oct-11, 20:54
This may not be the best way for the owner to find out but I know what is like to wonder what has happened to your pet. A wee black cat who used come into our garden quite a lot is lying dead near Norscot (on the pavement ) :~(. It is black with a yellow collar and has been ear tipped, so I suspect it is an ex-feral CP cat (although it was quite a friendly wee thing).
We did think about burying it, but feel we should give the owner a chance to find it first.

20-Oct-11, 22:08
Hi there just wanted to say a big thank you for your post...we found him at the top of the road and have buried him now....my cousin was telling me about your post on here tonight and i just wanted to let you know he kind of just chose to live here, we found him prowling about in our garden one day and he just started coming in and eventually he decided to stay with us, we have another cat too so we loved having both of them, we were very sad to find him but are glad we did so we could say our goodbyes, i'm glad he used to come in a wonder to you, his name was George and he was a lovely cat, susan x