View Full Version : ear ifection in horse

16-Oct-11, 15:23
Hi, was wondering if anyone has come across the same prob, my horse has a problem with one of his ears, ive had the vet look at it last year and he said he couldn't find anything, i've just had the equine dentist do his teeth and he had alook at his ear, told me he's come across this several times, apparently it's an infection that has been researched by vets and they can't come up with a cure as they don't know what it is. There is a pink patch on the inside of his ear which apparently is very painfull. Does anyone know what this is?? thanks.

16-Oct-11, 22:00
Hi, try looking 'horses aural plaque' on google and google images and see if its anything like your horses symtoms. Hope he gets better soon :)