View Full Version : where do you download music from??

14-Oct-06, 21:11
Hi,just got an mp3 player,wheres the best place to go for downloading music??


14-Oct-06, 22:16
Hi,just got an mp3 player,wheres the best place to go for downloading music??


Hi TIA (sorry couldn't resist :D)

Depends what kind of music you want.

15-Oct-06, 00:03
There's plenty of places to download music from if you just search for them, both legal pay-per-download sites and illegal free download sites (and methods ;) ).

Google is your friend.



Bill Fernie
15-Oct-06, 09:01
If you want music in the background while you surf the net try www.pandora.com

I have been using it ever since someone else posted the link many months ago. It's free and you can set up your listening tastes easily and the site selects artists similar to the one you choose as well as the odd song from the one you want. The system stores your set up so you can easily go back and listen to another selection. The idea is that you might buy something you hear from the selctions. It has huge database of material.

You cannot download the songs but if you only want to hear them whilst on the net then its not a problem and you never know you might buy something you hear on it.

A little thinking about how to register is required as it is not aimed at the UK but it is not difficult to think your way through this one.

15-Oct-06, 09:19
If you want to hear a range of independant Scottish music then www.scotloads.co.uk is a good one to look at

George Brims
15-Oct-06, 21:31
I use emusic.com. They have a lot of independent label stuff, including a huge range of classical, "world" music (that includes Scottish stuff like Silly Wizard) and old blues. NOT good for mainstream current stuff.

I pay US$9.95 a month and that gets me 40 downloads. The 40 per month expire if I don't use them (I didn't realize that until I got an email warning me I had a dozen or so about to expire last month). All in all a handy site. BTW the downloads are MP3 with no copy restrictions, not like downloading from the Apple site into your overpriced iPod.