View Full Version : Missing Siamese Cat

jo bowd
15-Oct-11, 21:14
My blue point siamese cat has gone missing from Ramscraigs, Dunbeath. She is dark grey on her back and pale underneath, has blue eyes and a very distinctive broken tail. She is a house cat so is not used to being outside. She got out early this morning (Saturday) but I didn't know until later this afternoon that she was gone. Have searched local barns and spoken to neighbours but no sign yet. If anyone has seen her please telephone 01593731440.

jo bowd
16-Oct-11, 10:36
cat found safe and well and is feeling very sorry for herself. She is now grounded !!!!!

16-Oct-11, 21:35
:Daw delighted that you got your pussy cat home, fingers crossed she remains indoors now lol