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14-Oct-06, 01:44

Frosty fingers touch me as I stand at my front door
And gaze across the whitened ground that leads to rustic gate
My breath comes out like steam from railway train
And a stillness all about me says that Winter's really here.

Trees stand undressed forlorn
Birds no longer hide in leafy boughs
But peck vainly against rymy crumbs
Thrown out not long before.

A glance upwards to the roof
Shows combs of icicles
Frozen in time and space
Suspended, waiting their time to melt.

Sky so blue yet with coolness
(Not the blue of Summer)
As if filtered through thin ice
Though still pleasing to the eye

White-coated hedgerows frame
What once was lawn
Bushes weighed down
With weight of the snow.

And thus it may remain until it is Spring.


A hint of warmth touches me gently as I stand at my front door
And while there's freshness still in the air,
The blankness of white is replaced
As new multi-hued Life begins to appear.

Green grass starting to grow
As with flowers, bushes and trees,
Nature has woken from Winter's deep sleep
And there's much needing done before Summer is reached.

Buds on the branches yield harvest of leaves
A place for the birds to nest in the trees
And bring up there young ones
Until they can fly.

Snowdrops, crocuses and more besides
Raise heads above ground and colour the earth
These are the Leaders showing us all
The richness of Nature's bountiful store.

14-Oct-06, 02:33
Lyrically put. Most enjoyable.

14-Oct-06, 02:40
Thanks. I have of course Summer and Autumn yet to do. Manana?:D