View Full Version : Called It A Day

13-Oct-06, 13:31
Well, Cyanide the local Rock band, Called it a day

Just uploaded a video of us... For Nice memorys

Check it leave some comments?


13-Oct-06, 16:01
As Freddie Mercury once said,

"Another one bites the dust"

He was, of course, referring to all the wannabe duress acts out there.

13-Oct-06, 18:54
Do you want an honest comment?

Billy Boy
13-Oct-06, 18:55
sorry lol,you absolutely murdered floyd there :eek:

13-Oct-06, 21:07
ha ha tell me about it that video is shicking zebedy. take it off thats my brother rite next to the kit filming it. we had it spot on when we played it live it was a bit of a muck about in ma living room.

but ye that video murders floyd he he

14-Oct-06, 01:23
that's a shame,i enjoyed hearing you guys,why the split?

14-Oct-06, 12:50
Differnt types of music,

The bands styles sorta changed drasticaly in different directions!

K dragon
14-Oct-06, 17:04
i thought it might have summat to do wit joe off to uni.

14-Oct-06, 18:42
joes still got rest of 6th year to complete... not letting him go just yet! ha