View Full Version : wedding buttonholes..left or right side for ladies?

13-Oct-06, 12:15
Hi! folks need a bit of help here.
Got wedding tomorrow and every tme I'm a guest doesn't matter what side I put my buttonhole on I look at some of the other guests and find myself swopping over.
Is it left or right side for ladies?
Can't put it on handbag as it wouldn't go with the style of bag.

13-Oct-06, 12:24
I just looked at a wedding photo and any that had them had it on their right side, but they do seem to be getting rarer these days as there were only a handful of people with them on.

Have a lovely day. I hope it stays dry for the happy couple.

13-Oct-06, 12:30
Hope this is of some use. I also looked at a couple of photos and the lady wears her corsage on the right.

15-Oct-06, 19:01
thanks for your replies folks, I popped it on the right side and I looked "nae bad"....it wasn't a fresh flowery thing it was more a feathers and silk concoction but it suited my outfit.
Weather could have been better ...but it doesn't rain at the bar so from what I remember it was a good day.

15-Oct-06, 23:24
Just catching up on the posts here after being away on holiday. I dragged hubby's latest suit (actually - it's the only one which would fit him now) from the wardrobe - the "stitched" buttonhole is on the left. So you were "right" with your choice :D

The wedding obviously was not in Caithness - it was a gorgeous day here yesterday. The important thing is that you enjoyed your day & kept your "feather & silk concoction" safe from the elements at the bar ;)