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13-Oct-06, 10:07
i have used a motorola raxor v3 ti upload a video i took,its now on my pc,what my problem is i can play it in windows media player as it says i have the wrong codecs???i sent this video to a m8 and he played it no problem!! little bit annoying as i wanted to play it on my pc also,can any1 help,cheers in advance;)

Tiger Jones
13-Oct-06, 12:47
Not sure if this will work but you could try downloading the latest Windows Media Player. I can't play 3GP files on my version 8 unless I convert them first.

This link is for version 10 but it seems to download v11 Beta.


13-Oct-06, 14:25
thanx for that!!;)

13-Oct-06, 14:43
3gp files is wot it is,wil that work in media player or am i doing sumfin wrong?how do you convert the file coz it wont play on ,media player:(

Tiger Jones
13-Oct-06, 14:53
Have you got QuickTime? Seems to play OK in that.


13-Oct-06, 15:03
it plays in real time player,prefer it to play in media player,but ill just have to settle for real player i guess,cheers for the hlep anyway!

Tiger Jones
13-Oct-06, 15:20
You can maybe do a Google or Yahoo! search for codecs or conversion programs so you can get your videos playing in Media Player.