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12-Oct-06, 17:29
Well here it is - a kite and a camera and bags of potential!


Thats what I`m using here is the result!


It`s a scorrie eye view of me!

12-Oct-06, 17:32
Okay so lets have a peek around!
Looking from St andrews to Leuchars and the top of the old course!

Looking down the beach.............


More to follow...........

12-Oct-06, 17:35
You can get some lovely straight down abstract shots!

One for the golfers - the old course.......


12-Oct-06, 17:38
The other kite - traditional japanese fighting kite - 2 metre custom design.

Distant dog walkers


12-Oct-06, 17:40
The kite and cam got lots of curious passers by asking questions!
You can see the black kite line in this one

I love this low level abstract


12-Oct-06, 17:44
The kite cam is a 1 1/2lb - 3 channel rig that hangs under the kite half way down the line.
I can rotate and tilt the camera so I can get lots of angles.
The only draw back is I can`t see what the camera can but I can get a rough idea and I`m sure practise will help.

The camera is a 3.2 megapixel canon a300 for those interested.

I can`t wait to come up there at xmas and get snapping!

Keep an eye on the sky!

12-Oct-06, 17:50
Fantastic!!! great idea.

12-Oct-06, 18:56
Video online too


Don`t watch after eating!

12-Oct-06, 19:04
Brilliant Granty, what a great idea.

12-Oct-06, 20:11
That's great grantyg..:D

12-Oct-06, 20:24
That was smart I'm very impressed :D

12-Oct-06, 21:17
Hi Grantryg

Brilliant photos. I would love to know more of the technical stuff. What sort of mount ,how do you pan and tilt etc.

Its ironic that your using kites to get pictures in 2006 because Samuel F Cody was promoting kites in 1904 to hoist a man high enough to see over an enemy's line or to record the fall of artillery.


13-Oct-06, 10:05
there is also a 1906 kite ariel photography link -

The rig was a kit and it is controlled by 3 servos - 2 standard and one that needs customising so it rotates 360 non stop.
The kit took me about a day to put together, even though the kite is single line it takes some skill to fly (knowing where to put it and how to stabilize it as well as knowing the effects of turbulence etc)

The camera issue is now in our favour as digital means you can snap away all day long and delete the results that you don`t like, the important thing is to use a shutter speed faster than 300iso (my other cam goes to 800iso but I`m to chicken to use it at the mo)

Cost of kit is around - 40 for the kit - 65 ish for the radio gear (Ebay) - 75 for the kite and whatever the camera is.

13-Oct-06, 14:56
well done grantyg. I'm very impressed.
Far as I go with my sony T9 is photos and videos of the grandkids.
Keep it going as I'd love to see more.
Now..... if you're hovering over the dunes at Reiss I lost a ring in the early sixties ...... still look every time I go home. you never know it might materialize sometime.

14-Oct-06, 17:14
Intriguing! but I can't help wondering....how do you land your camera without smashing it to bits?

14-Oct-06, 17:31
Wow Was just there this afternoon (lovely day too). What a great idea. Do post more!

15-Oct-06, 03:12
watch the video sassylass, it shows how he does it :)

great bird's eye view grant, keep it up!

pun intended :Razz

15-Oct-06, 10:46
Yep landing safely is not an issue all you do is walk the line down rather than reeling it in - then catch the rig once it gets to you.

The challenge is going to be when I`m up there and wanting to get some new angles on duncansby stacks or the old man of wick!

The other worry is gusty wind if the kite starts to drop or sway around that gets kinda scary.

When getting together the kit I bought a new camera but have been to scared to use it as it is an expensive one - but the more I use the rig and get to know the quirks I`m sure the new camera will be used.

24-Mar-07, 10:34
All kite cam images are now on our Flickr Site at.........

www.flickr.com/photos/elaineandgrant (http://www.flickr.com/photos/elaineandgrant) and look for the KAP section

24-Mar-07, 11:50
Your pictures are fantastic Grantyg. You show such skill with the subject. MORE!!!:D

25-Mar-07, 12:32
Nah I just point and snap!
The kite cam - elaine does the snapping and we take loads to get the best shot.
Thanks for the comments!