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08-Oct-11, 10:02
I have some guests staying at my caravans next year and they were wondering if they could hire a car for a week in Thurso. Does anyone do this and would you know the price range to hire a car for a week?

Hen Broon
08-Oct-11, 10:54
Richards certainly do, they don't have rates on web site though

08-Oct-11, 13:27
enterprise in Inverness i found were the best when i needed a hire car few months ago, all depends on what size of car needed to what the price is, they will pick you up from train station etc http://www.enterprise.co.uk/car_rental/deeplinkmap.do?bid=019&cnty=GB&language=en&arc=GKSB101&cm_mmc=Google-_-Brand-_-GK_SE_Rental_B_NTL_E_UK-_-enterprise