View Full Version : Teacher suspended

12-Oct-06, 12:44
This story just seems crazy to me. A pupil kicks a teacher and then the teacher is suspended. Wha sort of message is this giving other kids? No wonder some kids nowadays have no respect for people. [evil]


12-Oct-06, 12:55
I think the poor guy's bosses should be ashamed of themsleves for reacting with a suspension. Sounds like it's been handled badly. I know suspension is supposed to be about protecting everyone involved but like you say what sort of message does it send out.

12-Oct-06, 16:52
Once again "Child protection" rears its ugly head. It seems to be that if a child/parent/minder makes a complaint to the Head Teacher about little Jhonny / Jenny being abused by a member of staff then it must be so!!!!
What a load of twaddle. What about finding out the truth BEFORE dragging the member of staff`s name through the mud, which as we all know, tends to stick.
What about Staff Protection in the workplace?
What about some support from management for their staff when an accusation is made![disgust]
Suspension is not support nor is it fair. Parents should wake up and realise that their offspring may just be telling porkies and are playing around with other peoples livelihoods. [evil]