View Full Version : 2 kittens - could be abandoned

06-Oct-11, 22:54
Coming home from Inverness tonight I came across 2 kittens wandering about on the achalone to halkirk road - just past the achalone riding school, halkirk side. Looked too young to be away from their mum but when i tried to catch them they jumped in a ditch and wouldnt come out. I did go back and make a second attempt to catch them but it was pitch black so had no success. Hate the thought of them out in this horrible weather but there was nothing else I could do :( I would have gone back out with some food (I live in Thurso) but I didnt have enough petrol and the pumps were closed.

Just thought I would post this incase anyone living in that area could maybe keep an eye out for them tomorrow.

07-Oct-11, 09:58
Will look out for them but they could be feral.

07-Oct-11, 12:28
Yeh they could well be, they didnt hiss or spit which made me think maybe they werent.