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12-Oct-06, 09:58
I've been reading some interesting stuff about the proposed housing transfer if it gets the go ahead. If you live in a council house you might want to take a look. There is a website - www.HAST2006.org.uk (http://www.HAST2006.org.uk) . I picked up a leaflet in a shop and it prompted me to find out more. Apparently there is a lot of apathy from tenants who probably won't use the vote.

12-Oct-06, 12:03
Wasnt that group, HAST, discredited recently for using false information to put people off the idea of stock transfer?

12-Oct-06, 12:08
Not sure, I threw out all the literature that came in the post and now I'm thinking I should use my vote. I was thinking of it in terms of say 10 years from now if the stock transfers? what would it be like etc

12-Oct-06, 16:48
Im not sure either but in the opposite of what you said what happens over the next ten years if we dont transfer??

The council dont do a lot of proactive maintenance just reactive when its all gone wrong

I think i am edging towards voting for transfer as it cant be worse than the status quo

12-Oct-06, 19:01
Scottish Borders Council did the same a few years back, when all their housing stock transferred to the Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA). They are now able to do major modernisation and regeneration over the next 8 - 10 years. This wouldn't have been possible had it stayed with the Council.

12-Oct-06, 20:31
Just heard on the news tonight Stirling council tenants voted no.
I do feel Highland council tenants are being black mailed:(