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05-Oct-11, 16:18
After many years of trying various types and brands of dog feed for my own dogs ive come across a brand of food which suits my dogs dietary needs and IMO out performs many pricier brands, up until a year ago i was using some well known high end brand's of feed which cost anywhere from 30-40 per 15kg bag, a friend who competes in field trials suggest i try CSJ's range of natural dog feeds, i have been using them now for a year and have been delighted with the results, both in their physical condition and their mindset.

But the main problem i have encounterd was the sourcing of the product, having to buy large amounts to justify the carriage so i have now become an agent to stock their dog foods.

CSJ has become one of the fastest growing dog food brands since 1998 when international sheepdog triallist, Ceri Rundle, was unable to find an affordable, quality, extruded food that suited her own dogs. The available premium quality foods were too expensive and the cheaper ones a case of false economy with the resultant sloppy stools and /or thin, hungry dogs.
With the help of vets, herbalist and the UK’s leading nutritionist, Ceri devised a unique range of natural canine feeds, herbal supplements and treats to meet the requirements of all working dogs and has now become the first choice for many of the top dog handlers in the following sports:
agility dogs ~ flyball ~ gundogs ~ heelwork to music ~ obedience ~ show dogs ~ sled dogs ~ sheepdogs ~ working trial dogs
CSJ canine feed uses only top quality, natural ingredients, with an extensive range to meet the needs of all dogs of all ages - and all pockets!

CSJ sponsor many of the international sheep dog team's and also the international gundog teams as well as invididual handlers, and also many top show kennel's, agillity champions and sled dog champions, in short those doing the winning are using their product.

CSJ is now the choice of some of the most successful dog handlers throughout the UK and overseas. Why?

Using only top quality, natural ingredients, the extensive range of CSJ has been developed to meet the specific needs of dogs of all ages - from conception right through to 'retirement'.

Rich in real chicken, lamb or salmon
Contains no GM ingredients
Made in the UK by DEFRA approved sites which adhere to stringent quality control & traceability systems
No artificial colours, additives or preservatives
Energy dense nutrition
Highly palatable and digestible
Little waste - No smell!
No animal testing involved – apart from taste testing by our own kennel (and they don’t mind!)
By working closely with many well-known breeders, competitors, trainers, large kennel owners and show-bench exhibitors – as well as behavioural trainers, CSJ products are continuously monitored and developed.
One owner writes " ... I am delighted with the results. The dogs' general health is now excellent and shows in their alertness, bright eyes and gleaming coats."
By striving to be the best we ensure CSJ continues to play a major role in the development of future champions.

I shall be stocking to begin with a limited range of CSJ products but will be happy to order in any of the feed types available.

For further info on range and prices or if you would like to give the CSJ range a try on your dog, please either PM me or call 07803135137.

mop top
05-Oct-11, 21:05
Sounds interesting is it in kibble form or the muessili sort of look stuff?

05-Oct-11, 21:38
Sounds interesting is it in kibble form or the muessili sort of look stuff?Hi Mop top, it's kibble.

05-Oct-11, 22:07
what price is the dog food?

06-Oct-11, 08:34
pm sent Allsorts.

06-Oct-11, 13:42
It is a great food and if I wasn't feeding my dog Benjy on a moist food (Naturediet) then I would definitely get this.

I use quite a few of their herbal products which are excellent.

Good luck buggyracer! :)

09-Oct-11, 15:56
Hi what size are the bag"s, and how much are they?

09-Oct-11, 22:54
It's a shame they don't do a cereal free variety, otherwise, it would be brilliant!

09-Oct-11, 23:10
hi can this food b used for pups if so how much and what sizes of bag?

10-Oct-11, 12:57
Alicia, ive PM'd you, but yes there is a range of puppy food also :)

I now have the dog food in stock, Natural high-lost and Natural that'll do is priced at 18 per 15kg bag and the Natural champ is priced at 17 per bag, i also have small sample packs for those who wanted to try the food before purchasing, compared to other cheaper brands the RDA you feed your dogs is a lot less, so it is actually cheaper to feed than many brands costing less per bag ;)

Please call 07803135137 to place an order, bags can be collected from Thurso from today.