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05-Oct-11, 10:05
Your thoughts and recommendations for long stay parking at Inverness Airport.
Never used it before, but the long stay "on airport" parking seems to be a fair walk from the terminal.

What other options have Orgers used?


05-Oct-11, 10:28

They have a shuttle bus that will collect you. Your car is waiting for you at their door and if you are flying back late at night they will even warm the car up for you.

05-Oct-11, 10:30

In the business park beside the airport, used to be called Elite car rentals, haven't used them for a couple of years but they drive you to the door and pick you up again. We were well late last time after being snowed in at Belfast and the Inverness being shut, it was just a case of a phone call as we boarded - in fact I think they updated us better on what was happening than the airport. Really impressed with them anytime parking has been needed. Worth checking out.

05-Oct-11, 10:35
ive used the long stay parking.. its about a 2 min walk from the terminal.. and as long as you are not taking loads of luggage not to bad. you can also drop off any passengers with said luggage and then go park and meet up if you like. i think you can park in the short stay for 20 min for free.. so could prob. even check in first then go park the car if needed. just depending on how your times are for travel.
not used any other parking im afraid!

05-Oct-11, 11:05
Inverness Park and fly is very handy. Only two minutes up the road and they drop you at the airport door and come and meet you again.


05-Oct-11, 14:00
Thanks all.
Inverness Park and fly it is then.

A wee shuttle bus that delivers /collects you to/from the airport door was EXACTLY what I had in mind.

09-Oct-11, 10:45
Long stay parking is only a very short walk from the terminal and you can get a good discount by booking online in advance. You just get your parking ticket processed at the information desk on your return when you show the online booking details.