View Full Version : rubber matting

03-Oct-11, 20:17
does any one know of anywhere where i could get hold off some rubber matting for horses???? thanks in advance

03-Oct-11, 21:43
Geddes in thurso were selling it not long ago they had a pallet load of it cann't remember how much a mat was thou wasn't too expensive..!!

04-Oct-11, 07:30
I got mine from HIS in Inverness - think it was 30 a sheet, but I got the ultra thick (think school gym mats!) cattle matting.

04-Oct-11, 13:33
Geddes still have the matting in. its great stuff have used it myself and it was good priced x

04-Oct-11, 14:28
thanks for your replies will try geddes as my last lot came up from england and it cost a fortune to get here