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11-Oct-06, 14:14

11-Oct-06, 14:39
does any watch bbc news 24?a program on there called click,watched it a few nights back....microsoft held a hackers convention in malaysia,because so many people were hacking window xp! they put there security team over to take notes on what the hackers were doing so they could improve the security [lol]

11-Oct-06, 14:56
Many people who have issues with the Windows OS have probably at some point loaded some of this malware on their computer. Even something as simple as a Google search can take you to a site which will try and download something malicious onto your computer.

I know - I did this some time ago where I worked and the anti-virus software set alarm bells ringing ( it was on a highly protected network and I had to embarrassingly call the Network Helpdesk to explain my 'mistake').

The use of USB memorysticks was prohibited for various reasons but as shown in the test these can be infected as well. So a tight network is probably a safe network...

It's even worse if your children use the computer to access the internet as they are downloading left, right and centre without really considering the risks.

You could always move to another OS of course ;)