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30-Sep-11, 09:06
due to change in circumstances i am looking for someone to loan or loan with view to buy my two shetlands.archie is a reg,bay 8hh,mini shetland ,7years old and broken to ride and part broken to drive,just needs to be put to trap.ellie is a reg black standard shetland.wells bred and placed every time out.thinks shes a dog not a pony.has been sat on on by 7 year old and has easily accepted that and bit and bridle.both can live in or out.very good doers so dont need acreage.prefer to go together but would consider seperate.pm if interested,no timewasters please as this is heartbreaking.

19-Oct-11, 12:16
due to the extra stress of major loss of grazing if anyone can help please pm.

19-Oct-11, 14:07
hi, how much would you sell them for thanks

19-Oct-11, 16:40
best to come and meet them first and then we can chat.thanks

the grudge
18-Feb-12, 16:48
hi are u still looking for grazing ??

18-Feb-12, 23:23
am still looking for grazing.your in box is full

the grudge
28-Mar-12, 09:40
Hi have u still got u ponys as am looking for a little one one to keep my older horse comanpany if u can u pm me ta

28-Mar-12, 10:07
have pmd you as archie is still looking for a job to do.thanks