View Full Version : Soulmates

11-Oct-06, 12:41
Sometimes we meet someone we know
Although we've never met
And in that precious moment
Their souls they do connect.

Confusing us with words of love
A friendship it cements
It's different from the physical
The memory it forgets.

These bonds were forged long time ago
Before men walked on earth
They've all since been forgotten
Long time before the birth.

That spark ignites lest we forget
That feeling long since gone
It tells us of that love we lost
And forever mourn.

If you've ever felt that love
That only soulmates feel
It leaves you always wondering
Where is it? Was that real?

That time that was so special
Kindred spirits in your heart
A love that's like no other
No man can take apart.

Since that day I met you
Ive wandered on alone
Seeking to find that feeling
That love that's long since gone.

It's there for all of us who seek
And when you find you'll know
That warmth and peace that lives within
That leaves a nice warm glow.

It's hard for those who've never felt
That special love that's there
Who cares.

To take on board that feeling
That love we've never known
When souls light up and be themselves
They'll never walk alone.