View Full Version : Cyber Romance !!!

11-Oct-06, 10:10
I brace myself as I write this as everyone has different veiws on the subject.
Cyber Romance the Love and Passion and how it rips you apart yet makes you feel real all at the same time.
To be a life time apart yet be able to communicate about all the true feelings so deep and straight from the heart.
To be a lifetime apart and be able to feel the warmth of each others skin, to listen in silence and hear the beat of the others heart.
Then BANG! you remember that you do not have the Physical side, the touching, the warm cuddles when they are most needed, but then you fall back into the Dream like state that is so real and one of which we used to all be so good at when we were children and again we feel tho not Physically together.
You do not need to be Physical with someone to hold deep love and passion just able to hold them in yer heart oh and nothing is impossible so why not just get up and go to them the world now is a much smaller place trust me I did it. XXX