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mop top
27-Sep-11, 22:24
4 Staffies of various ages have been picked up as strays in the Caithness area since Saturday and not been claimed yet.

Two are only pups of probably only about 6 months or less.

Just wonder if any of these pups are ones that have previously been advertised for sale on here and would appreciate the breeders of recent litters getting in touch to see if indeed it is one of your pups that went off to its lovely forever home and has now been dumped:~(

27-Sep-11, 22:49
This is such a shame! Hope you find out if this is what happened so that in the future folks will know who NOT to sell to.

Good luck with your quest....

mop top
28-Sep-11, 21:17
Well as i suspected none of the dogs picked up have been reclaimed and no concerned breeders have been in touch either

28-Sep-11, 21:50
Such a shame! Don't know how anyone could dump any kind of animal. I'm glad they're in good hands though, rather than out in the cold. I Hope the best for them all! xxx

28-Sep-11, 21:56
god poor staffies!
and there are so many ads for staffies looking for homes, everywhere!
wish people would look at that before breeding more :(

Tilly Teckel
28-Sep-11, 23:33
If I didn't have my hands so full I'd take them in. Hope they do find good homes where they'll be loved and appreciated.

mop top
05-Oct-11, 18:25
Well delighted to report that one lucky staffy boy has found a lovely new home. We still have 3 girls looking though 2 of them are good with other dogs and one is an older girl with impeccable house manners and very people friendly but would probably be best as an only pet.

Miss Mack
22-Oct-11, 19:14
god poor staffies!
and there are so many ads for staffies looking for homes, everywhere!
wish people would look at that before breeding more :( Well said !

22-Oct-11, 22:29
I hate the staffies predicament at the moment...as they are seen as "hard dogs" even though they are nanny dogs by nature...the homes they have had as youngsters can determine their temperment though.
The influx and breeding beyond saturation point (ie more staffies than homes) is seen as junkies are trying to make a fast to feed their habit isnt helping matters as staffies used to make a decent price.....now they are difficult to even give away...not nice and not nice homes are given.
I wish there was more that could be done for them.

mop top
22-Oct-11, 22:56
Me too Dadie, thankfully Lexi, Lottie and Mack have all gone to lovely new homes and Suzie will be going to hers next week. They will all be neutered and spayed as soon as they are old enough so wont contribute further to the staffy population. The staffy situation is really tragic at the moment, so if anyone is truly interested in having a staffy and they are super wee dogs, please give a rescue dog a chance rather than taking on a puppy. Breeders also show a bit of common sense the country really doesnt need any more puppies. Rescue Centres and organisations up and down the length of the country are full to bursting point with them!

28-Oct-11, 20:41
Well said mop top. I'm delighted to hear that all the staffies have found their forever homes so have unstuck this thread now.

Very well done once again to all involved. :D