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26-Sep-11, 15:00
Shouting at dog led to man being charged with urinating in public

ANSWERING the call of nature in public by a Thurso man might have gone un-noticed had it not been for a troublesome dog.
The canine was certainly not drunken William Deighan’s best friend for it began to make a nuisance of itself and when he started shouting at it, the disturbance attracted the attention of passers-by, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday. (Monday)
It led to Deighan of Brownhill Road, Thurso, being charged with shouting and urinating, in the presence of the public. He pleaded guilty to the offence, in Olrig Street, Thurso, on July 11, and admitted a number of previous convictions.
Sheriff Andrew Berry was told that it was the shouting which drew the attention of some townspeople to the fact that Deighan was urinating down the side of the Royal Bank of Scotland in the Thurso's Olrig Street.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said: “The accused was shouting at the dog for disturbing him while he was attempting to urinate. Apparently, he was being harassed by the dog at the time. One of the passer’s by reported the contratemps to the police.”
Solicitor Neil Wilson told Sheriff Berry: “It will come as no surprise to you, that the accused was very, very drunk, at the time of his boorish behaviour. He had far too much to drink and he wishes to apologise, unreservedly, for his conduct.”
Mr Wilson added that while Deighan did not have a drink problem, it had brought home to him the consequences of drinking too much.
Sheriff Berry said that as the accused had upset the public, it was appropriate he should rectify matters by giving something back to the community.
Deighan (22) was ordered to carry out 60 hours unpaid community work.

Threatened to assault witness

AN Inverness woman, who threatened to assault a woman she claimed had given information to the police, was ordered to carry out 75 hours unpaid work community work.
Naomi Sturrock made the threat at Wick police station after being detained by police on August 5.
She told officers that she was going to hospitalise the woman.
Mr Wilson said that Sturrock of Millburn Court, Inverness, had a tendency to flare up and then calm down as quickly. She had got some stability back into her life and, although currently unemployed, was currently re-training which she hoped would lead to a job.
Sturrock (32) was ordered to carry out 75 hours unpaid community work.
In a separate case, brothers Andrew and Mark Mackay admitted shouting an swearing at police, at The Shore, Wick, on March 13.
It happened while constables were policing the dispersal of the public from commercial premises.
Mr Barclay told the court that no action was taken at the time as the police had been busy and it wasn't until some time later that the charge was processed.
It was stated that the brothers had taken exception to a comment the officers had made to a friend and had “stupidly put their tuppence-worth in”.
Sheriff Berry who called for reports told the accused: “It seems remarkable that you shouted and swore at the police going about their public duty and throught it would simply be forgotten about.”
The brothers, Andrew Mackay (24) lives in Leith Walk and his 22-year-old brother, in Seaforth Avenue, both Wick, will be sentenced on October 25.

Jailed for bail breach

AN Orcadian who breached a bail condition was jailed for four months.
Carl Howley (27) who was arrested on a warrant, had previously admitted breaching a bail order banning him from contacting a Wick woman by telephone on April 30... shortly after he had appeared in court.
Howley, was living in the town at the time. His home address is Cuppin, Papa Westray.