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10-Oct-06, 18:25
On a Dark Prince, they rode with me,

One Dark, One Red, One Fair, I was but a baby.

I rode this Dark Prince, Unto the Gate,

Where the One in Red Lowered me straight.

Stay my Child, they say out Loud,

For through this Gate, Lays a Place o' Shroud.

I Cry, I Cry, I throw out my Arms,

But of they Ride, and into all Harms.

I wait, I wait behind this Gate,

Never they returned, Now it's to Late.

But Prince, my Sweet Prince He returned from battle,

He lets me Ride wea out a saddle.

I see, I see, Metal, I Hear, I Hear Rumble's,

No saddle's they need, Nor they defeat.

Take me Prince, take me there,

For Seven Sisters did not Play fair.

I think about it to this day,

Why oh Why Did they Make me stay.

My Prince, My Prince, I Love You So,

Now all we need is a King for the Throne