View Full Version : Poor Wee Black Cat-High Ormlie

The Happy Humanist
26-Sep-11, 09:49
The weather was so bad this morning I took my son on his paper round in the car. Very sadly at High Ormlie we found a dead cat in the road. I didn't want it to be hit again and the owner to find it damaged so I have wrapped it in plastic and lifted it to the side of the road as it was so early and there was no-one around to ask. I just wanted to get the message to the owner, that I don't think it can have even known what happened to it, I think it lay where it was struck, but also wanted you to know it wasn't lying at the roadside because someone had callously left it there still alive or suffering, there was nothing more we could do.
I am so sad and so sorry for whoever has to bear the loss. Please pass the message on if you know of anyone who might have owned it.
Kind regards