View Full Version : welcome til 'e world, daisy belle'

24-Sep-11, 02:37
choost wanted til say a wee congratulatons til ma beeg brither an' his wife, on 'e safe arrival o' wee daisy belle'.

she's a luvly wee thing an' am sure ye's will all be very happy :D x x

24-Sep-11, 17:11
Congrats, all the best for many happy years with daisy

26-Sep-11, 09:50
Congrats, love her name. Just looked on facebook, she is beautiful.

26-Sep-11, 18:43
aw, thanks...she is lovely. i wis doon seein her yesterday an' got some cuddles :D

am getin a wee bity broody!!

i keep sayin that il get masel a boyfriend...but efter 'e last cheil, i cana stomach'ed. he's ruined ma faith in humanity!!! [disgust]

i went til 'e lyth arts centre on thursday til see ewan mclennan efter checkin him oot on utube. i hev til say, he wis lovely....really gorgeous!! there wis only aboot 50 or so people ayre. then at 'e end o' 'e nite he wis stan'in at 'e door speakin til people. i came doon 'e steps, went straight past him.....ran oot 'e door, chumpt in ma car an' took off back til weik!

i mean.......what is 'e maitter wi' me?? no' a smile or a "hello, i really enjoyed yer geeg....kent alot 'oo yer tunes fie when i wis a bairn...particularly lekt yer own ones" blah blah....

ma pal boozy wis goin til his show 'e next nite in inverness.....i could o' telt him 'at!! i hed 'e makin's for a perfect wee flirty/chat up session, but no no, none o' 'at.

an 'e best o'ed wis that ma pal wis comin behind me an' she said he wis checkin me rite oot!!

i blame 'e fact that he's a musician...i da trust them. * edit * i should choost leave it at 'at.....i hed some fab times wi' some fantastic musicians...(choost wis hevin a wee rant til masel....)

still, il trust ma intuition an' believe that im better off oot o'ed...probly saved masel a mountain o' heartache.

i did go on his website later an buy his CD tho ;)

27-Sep-11, 00:05
Trix, Ewan put on a good show and was lovely to talk to; a shame you didn't stop for a blether, silly girl.

I didn't chat long as others wanted to talk to him but did ask if his guitar was custom made - it was. Didn't buy a cd as I had already bought one off his website. I think it is always better to hear music live and to hear the stories behind them!

27-Sep-11, 00:22
totally agree tor...an i am a silly girl!!

am listenin til allan taylors cd ifanow, 'colour to the moon'. he played most o' 'e tracks at 'e lighthoose twa months ago. i can still see him sittin yarnin, tellin what each tune wis aboot.

i da ken if ye bought his newest cd but its really fantastic, as wis hotels an' dreamers.

am lookin forward til hearin ewans :D