View Full Version : Red wings and Fieldfares

09-Oct-06, 23:00
Whwen do these two start arriving up there? Have seen a few when up last winter and was also amazed to see a couple of redwings down here on the south coast, been many a year since I have noticed them in Sussex.

09-Oct-06, 23:21
Lizz i have been keeping my eyes open for them, they should be arriving here soon

10-Oct-06, 15:33
I have been looking with no sucess yet.
Rheghead had a lone Fieldfare last week in his garden, but not heard of any others. Groups of up to 500 Redwings have been passing through Fair Isle for the last week so there should be some about soon.

There is certainly a good amount of berries ready for them when they come.

10-Oct-06, 21:51
Autumn Watch tonight gave info about the arrival of red wings. Seems they like an east wind and that will bring them here from Scandinavia.

11-Oct-06, 00:15
Yes saw that myself, here's hoping for many sitings as the wind changes quarter.

11-Oct-06, 12:36
Well Bill was right. A couple of hundred Redwings this morning in various spots between Dounreay and Thurso.

Rheg watch out you could have an invasion out your way.


11-Oct-06, 21:39
Lizz, Redwings have been pouring through Caithness today (11th). No sign of Fieldfares yet.

11-Oct-06, 22:05
They certainly are, lots more on the East Coast today around Noss Head.