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09-Oct-06, 21:50
Does anyone know the history, or why these are at Berridale

10-Oct-06, 13:54
Hi Highlander,

I think these were the Watch Towers when there was a Castle in Berriedale.

The castle was built on the jut of land down by the Beach in Berriedale, you can still see the ruins slightly where the castle would have been and there is information on this Website, click on Caithness and select Castles you should get the information about Berriedale Castle etc.

Having lived in Berriedale for quite a while you would think I would know more, I feel ashamed.

Hope this helps.



10-Oct-06, 17:37
Hi Highlander

I have been told a different story.

They were put there to have a light in (presumably a brazier or similar) and when fishermen were approaching the harbour they would line up one above the other and could be sure they were on a safe heading towards the rocky coast.

I have a friend who always told the kids,as they travelled south, that they were chess pieces left by giants! I prefer this explantion.

11-Oct-06, 00:18
Sorry if this appears twice but the last message seems to have vanished into cyberspace!
Love the explanation grumphippo but have always understood them to be some sort of folly..although the light hoose theory would also hold water.

11-Oct-06, 14:17
Thank you for your replys, next time we are down the way, i will MAKE hubby go up closer for a better picture lol

13-Sep-08, 14:12
I came across this thread whilst browsing through the earlier images submitted to this site.

The structures are actually neither watch-towers or look-out posts for fishing boats. The truth is they have never fulfilled any purpose, being ornamental follies built by one of the Dukes of Portland.

Locally, they are referred to as the 'Duke's Candlesticks'.