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22-Sep-11, 18:04
http://forum.caithness.org/images/icons/icon11.png Miniature shelties for sale
We have a selection of Ponies for sale that need loving homes.

www.midcalder-miniature.co.uk (http://www.midcalder-miniature.co.uk/)

Look on the for sale page or the 2011 foals

There are pictures available to veiw on our website and contact details there also

Midcalder Elmo
Midcalder Frankle
Midcalder Gismo

All these foals are desperate for a loving home either together or individually.

They have so much affection to give and love spending time with adults but especially the kids.

Thanks for looking

Text Sarah on 07749978481
or telephone 01847 831533 and ask for Caroline or Sarah

22-Sep-11, 19:12
link is got wee mistake. it should read www.midcalder-miniatures.co.uk

22-Sep-11, 22:49
Have p.m.'ed you

24-Sep-11, 19:12
Thank you :o)

24-Sep-11, 21:13
All three are now sold..:) :)
good luck to the new owners x