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22-Sep-11, 16:38
hi all

just wondering.. does anyone know up here where I could learn sign language?


Even Chance
22-Sep-11, 16:56
Aye, just watch C-Beebies on e telly. "Something special" or something like that its called. The bairn has picked up an unreal amount from it!

22-Sep-11, 17:15
You could try contacting the Deaf Club. My aunt Joan used to teach sign language and she taught my mum who went on and got her certificate at the college. You can contact Joan Allan or my mum Barbara Allan, they are in the phone book, either of them should be able to help you.

22-Sep-11, 19:54
Yes the pages on Caithness.org:


should give you contact information for Caithness Deaf Care.

They'll point you in the correct direction and do a lot of valuable work.

Good Luck!:)

22-Sep-11, 21:28
thank you il take a look tomorrow and try contacting a few!!

22-Sep-11, 21:38
Definately try Deirdre at Caithness Deaf Care on Tue, Wed or Thu - their own website is here (http://www.sensorycentre.org.uk)