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mop top
21-Sep-11, 11:22
Posting on behalf of a worried owner who is on holiday in the Melvich area. owner lost her dog yesterday while out walking in the Melvich beach area with her 2 dogs.

Jeff is all white with brown patches over his eyes and ears, he vanished into thin air as was there one minute and gone the next. Owner was due to return home today but has extended her stay to look for him.

Police, SSPCA, Vets etc all been informed and there are posters up already, Jeff is microchipped so if found will be identifiable.

Please keep an eye out if you live in this area or will be there over the next few days the owners telephone no is 07768976113.

Many thanks

21-Sep-11, 22:18
Jeff is still missing. Owners have spent all day looking for him but to no avail. They have to return home to Edinburgh tomorrow but are still hopefully that Jeff will be found.

Please look out for Jeff and contact owners on 07768976113 if found.

Thank you

mop top
22-Sep-11, 17:53
Delighted to post that there is a happy ending for Jeff who was dug out by his owners today from a deep rabbit warren which he had managed to get into and couldnt reverse out off. His owner heard his muffled barking thank goodness as the wind had dropped today and they could hear him. He is now on route back home to Edinburgh none the worse for his adventure!:)

22-Sep-11, 20:49
This is such brilliant news. So pleased that little Jeff is safe and well.

22-Sep-11, 20:50
Brilliant news :)

22-Sep-11, 21:20
Brilliant news!

Tilly Teckel
22-Sep-11, 23:48
Fantastic! I'd like to think that'll be the last warren he goes into but I'm guessing not! :lol:

23-Sep-11, 18:35
fantastic new brough a tear to me eye

23-Sep-11, 22:37
If I had a tail I would wag it right now! Another great result.....

23-Sep-11, 22:38
So pleased for the owners,what a worry,losing your dog on holiday..happy ending :lol:

23-Sep-11, 22:58
Pleased for the owner, but, he wont be the last russel that disappears down a rabbit hole unable to get out.
At least he had a happy ending, no worse for wear....many that do disappear have a less lucky outcome!