View Full Version : more stock and sizes available next week!

19-Sep-11, 15:26
Hiya guys,
Just wanted to share that i will be bringing in more sizes! the plus size range has been a great success so far, so have decided to bring in for the smaller sizes as well.. starting next week i should have a selection of sizes 8 and up!
ideally, when ive got everything in that i want.. it will be sizes 8-32 across the board to suit all sizes that i can fit in to the shop and still find it without having to dig and get frustrated!
again, im so sorry that we had to close the shop down for a couple weeks and thank you so much for all your thoughts and good wishes at such a hard time!
Brandys is a true community shop where you can tell people actually care and all my customers are absolute stars!
remember, if i dont have the kinds of thing your looking for in, let me know and i will try and get it!
hopefully, everything will get back to normal now and start running smoothly...
Thank you so much for your time and patience!!

19-Sep-11, 15:31
Great news!
And im glad your back.
And the shop will be back to normal hours!

19-Sep-11, 15:52
mostly i hope *laughs* however i have just been called to say i have a meeting at school at 3:30 and 4 next week! how am i suppose to do that!! working on it!!

snow tiger
15-Oct-11, 20:12
I would like to recommend Brandys shop, service is fab, and she did me proud today when i visited her shop, thanks again.