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puffin croft
19-Sep-11, 12:08
Hi all! wanted to drop all orgers a line,old & new,to remind everyone of our 10 veg boxes that we deliver all over caithness.They contain all local, seasonal produce and each weeks contents vary depending on availability.We have over 60 happy,regular customers and are always looking for more! We also now offer a 10 mixed box of freshly baked products,each week containing a 1lb cake,a flan or fruit crumble or pie,pasties,a quiche and 2 loaves of fresh bread such as cheese bread and granary bread.We can also deliver fresh free range eggs with your order.If you would like to sign up for a weekly or fortnightly delivery please pm us.Thanks for your time and attention! Kris & Gary Ridley at Puffin Croft Farm Shop.

19-Sep-11, 12:30
I have bought the veggie box for a few months now & it's brilliant! Soooo much better than supermarkets & Kris & Gary are smashing. Give them a try. :)

19-Sep-11, 14:31
Another vote from me!

And so flexible too - if I dont want veg one week, but want the bakery, a quick message and ta-da.... the goods appear.

The shop is well worth a visit too!