View Full Version : Simple old mashed potato livened up

08-Oct-06, 19:29
When making mashed potato, add (to taste) a (generous?) measure of grain mustard - fairly enhances it and is so so simple.

08-Oct-06, 20:21
Or add some butter and cheddar cheese.....mmmmm

08-Oct-06, 21:27
Or add some cooked shredded cabbage, or chives:cool:

10-Oct-06, 15:27
or add some philadelphia :)

kids love it.

10-Oct-06, 19:20
or add some chopped onion and lots of pepper

10-Oct-06, 19:26
Add some Shwartz garlic and herb seasoning..yummy!!

20-Oct-06, 14:34
Try using olive oil and some milk instead of butter and milk when making a creamy mash. Twist of black pepper too - superb!

22-Nov-06, 17:30
cook the potatoes in good quality vegetable stock for extra flavour (but don't add any extra salt for cooking as the stock will have plenty)

15-Dec-06, 12:40
chopped up spring onions, butter and a wee droppy of milk........that's called "champ" as in the well known phrase: "that loon is thick as champ"

16-Dec-06, 18:53
Champ is class!!

17-Dec-06, 18:30
mmmm I am champing at the bit for some of that mmmm

20-Dec-06, 08:43
While boiling 4-6 tatties add one sweet potato. Makes a nice sunshine mash.

20-Dec-06, 12:33
Champ is class!!

It certainly is....and can help to reduce calorie intake as part of a calorie controlled diet.....

20-Dec-06, 13:02
loved the 'champ' and 'mustard' tatties. Will be added to my favourites now. Thanks

31-Dec-06, 14:10
one of the supermarket freebie magazines a while back mentioned adding a small amount of a sharp tasting apple (i.e. bramley or granny smith) that has been cooked/microwaved.

Also a dash of lemon juice and some seasoning and herbs.

(A good spice list depending on what it's to go with might include marjoram, basil, oregano, parsely, ginger, clover, paprika, garlic granules etc).

04-Jan-07, 18:09
my favourite has always been cabbage (pretty much equal amount to potato), squeeze of lemon juice,, good crunch of black pepper, knob of butter and dollop of mayonaise....

then at the last moment some chopped spring onion, (or any onion really, i have also been known to put celery in when i am out or low on onion... its just for the texture)

my variation on the colcannon theme...