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15-Sep-11, 11:17
Just a heads up to anyone interested.
Fingers crossed, everything will be in place for opening next month at the Airport industrial estate in Wick.

SK Coatings
Sandblasting and Powder Coating business for vehicle/motorbike/bicycle parts up to the size of a motorbike frame (160cm x 60cm ish).
Anything metal/Alloy can be blasted clean for your own paint finishing or can be powder coated in any of the various colours available.

More details to come soon.

10-Nov-11, 23:35
Opening on Monday 14th November 2011
Initially for small parts, larger stuff and wheels from December.
Unit 5E3 wick airport industrial estate
Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm (other times by arrangement)
Email - skcoatings@hotmail.co.uk

10-Nov-11, 23:50
Great to see this up and running.
Good luck with it Steven

09-Dec-11, 12:54
Thanks dollycat, just an update;
due to the weather, if anyone is planning to drop items off, you can phone Steven on 07530197702 and he'll make sure someone is there.

09-Sep-12, 14:28
Open Mon to Fri 10am - 5am
Any other time by arrangement
Picture gallery on Facebook at Sk Coatings