View Full Version : My Demon !!!

08-Oct-06, 12:03
I see a Demon with glistening points for eyes,
is it Satan there, can he hear my cry's.
I feel a tail, curling around my sweet heart,
all entertwined, can we never part.
And this Demon, he came in sacred with loving swirl,
Grinning at me, ah, you thought i was nocturnel.
My Demons face shines, facing the sky,
Embracing me, levitating high.
His black embrace devours all energy,
He is with you and I for all eternity.
With shimmering eyes, he does lead,
taking care of my every need.
There was a new laughter born that day,
laughter that you gave, now i'll stay.
My dark demon, he warms my heart and Soul,
A love therein, a solace to my lonesome existence.