View Full Version : Dog obedience training - anyone interested?

13-Sep-11, 16:25
I plan to offer the following - if there's enough interest:

1. Walking On Lead
2. Coming Back When Asked
3. A Short Stay
4. Sit, Stand And Down
5. Food And Table Manners
6. Grooming, Care And Management
7. Control At Doorways
8. Jumping Up
9. Excess Barking
10. Socialisation With People And Other Dogs
11. Examination For Health Reasons

1 - 4 can be taught in one class with 5 - 11 in follow-up classes, whereas 5 - 11 would be taught in 1-1 sessions (fee for 1-1 session upon request).

Please pm me and let me know which kind of training you are interested in.

Would also appreciate any suggestions as far as locations that would be suitable for classes; they would need to provide parking, have a non-slippery surface.

Thanks for reading.

13-Sep-11, 17:05
Sorry but all these things can be taught in a group class for a training attendance fee.

17-Sep-11, 11:22
Have pm you.

23-Sep-11, 18:57
hi,myself and a friend have 8mths old puppies,we would be interested in your training,were and when is it on,,

27-Sep-11, 12:16
I have pmd you