View Full Version : Hen feed to Clear

13-Sep-11, 15:00
10 bags of any combination mixed corn / layers pellets / layers mash - 70 delivered

Plenty dates on them just wanting to get a clear out sheds for winter feeds!

13-Sep-11, 18:07
I'll take you up on that offer :) I'll come in the shop tomorrow to pay :)

13-Sep-11, 21:48
No probs what you after Leanne - layers / mixed? mash ??? I will try to fit in Van tomorrow but am well loaded up and hoping to only have to do one trip as got other appointments but will be passing on Thursday too - can drop cat and 2 x dog if you want then too ? they are sitting in shop if not :-) PS re: pig - put in order for larger pellets so hope come quicker than thought :-)

06-Nov-11, 22:25
Do you still have any left, I would be interested if you have. Can you pm me your phone number please?