View Full Version : Monitor Repair

07-Oct-06, 17:15
Does any body know where I can get a monitor repaired , its a 19" TFT
The fault is in the input , it lights up and says there is no signal but when I switch the computer on there is no picture :(

07-Oct-06, 18:34
You could try Colin Chessor or Alacam but I'm not sure if either do TFT's.

If you haven't already done so then try the monitor on another PC or another monitor on your PC - just to make sure it's not the PC's graphics card which is at fault.

08-Oct-06, 11:17
Thanks for returning to me , I have tried all that you mensioned I did find my video card faulty on high res. so the monitor must have damaged it. I bought an other one off ebay, I made sure it was working ok on my second monitor then tried the faulty one and it still didn't work.
The person you mensioned have you got there phone number please you can email direct on brian@shelligoe.com