View Full Version : Plumber?

10-Sep-11, 08:34
ok i need advice here, we live in a rented house and had a problem last night with the waste water from the washing machine building up in the loo - it didn't quite overflow but it was only about 2 inches off, who needs to organise the plumber to come and look at this me or the land lord please?


Corrie 3
10-Sep-11, 08:37
Sounds like an outside drain blocked Tugs.
Unless it is stated in your contract then it's the Landlords responsibility!
My Landlord covers all repairs and is brilliant!
Good luck!


10-Sep-11, 08:41
who is responsible for that should be included in the lease. In general if it is structural then your landlord would be responsible, and if it is "user error" such as a fat build-up in the pipes, or inappropriate items getting flushed then you would be responsible.

Are you on mains sewer or septic tank?

Best solution is probably to talk to the landlord if they are the approachable sort...

10-Sep-11, 08:42
Thanks corrie, the landlord himself is not very pleasant but i am hoping his agent is more approachable (it has changed since i moved here 8 years ago) :) i'll ring her in a while as it's a saturday and she may be having a lie in lol