View Full Version : soul seekers

06-Oct-06, 20:18
Odin believes some serpentine soul conquers this planet dreadfully.
Anchored Angel believes he
bleeds the orchid daintily
amongst landscapes Hades expires delightedly.
it believes
every hunter spins me.
he is jeweled.

06-Oct-06, 22:15
Black clouds looming
On horizons grey
Gods in their chariots
While the muse he plays
Like the trickster
Dark medieval worlds of Old
In history
Tell lies upon the innocent
They are not wise
They come with demons
The men of Old
They are not true
They try to Rule
They speak with fork tongues
The men of Old
They have no right in your minds and souls
The men of Old
With victims they play
Their stupid games
Like the Trickster
To try to fool the innocent
Who is the fool.

08-Oct-06, 10:05
i like. very good.