View Full Version : Dog lost - occumster / mid clyth area

Tilly Teckel
07-Sep-11, 07:32

PLEASE TEL. 07926 989951 / 07926 995069


07-Sep-11, 09:06
He's a handsome fellow; I do hope he turns up soon.

Tilly Teckel
07-Sep-11, 11:35
Thank-you, me too :(

Tilly Teckel
07-Sep-11, 18:22
Still missing, been gone for more than 18 hours now. Please, can everyone keep a good look out for him? Thank-you.

07-Sep-11, 19:34
Oh I am so sorry that he's still missing! :(

I hope you find him soon or at least get a sighting. I wonder whether he's still in that area as would drive out to help look for him.

Have you contacted Caithness FM to ask them to broadcast and appeal? Also, put posters up.

Hope for good news soon!

Tilly Teckel
07-Sep-11, 21:15
Thanks, Liz. Have tried all the usual - dog warden, Police, posters, doglost.co.uk, asking at houses in the area and, of course, searching for him. Just emailed Caithness FM - thanks for that idea. Will also call Balmore and the vet tomorrow and put up posters a bit further afield.

Hoping to organise a more detailed search of the area tomorrow afternoon if he's not appeared by then. If you, or anyone else, could spare an hour or so to help that would be fantastic. Not sure of details yet, will keep you posted.

Hope the daft thing turns up before then!

07-Sep-11, 23:03
I would defintely come and help look tomorrow afternoon but have an appointment with the dentist at 3 o'clock and the hygenist at 3.15pm but could come out after that if you need me?

I'll pm you my phone no.

Hope he does turn up before then though!

Tilly Teckel
08-Sep-11, 17:54
Nearly two full days now and still no sign of my boy. We've searched the hills where he went missing and he's definitely not in that area any more. I would have thought if he got onto the road there he would have been able to find his way back home as we're less than 2 miles away and he knows the roads quite well. Just worried that someone less than scrupulous may have come across him and picked him up.

So, if everyone could please keep their eyes open? If you see anyone with a dog they don't usually have, who fits his description, please get in touch. I hate to be so suspicious but I'm not naive and it does happen.

Thanks again.

mop top
08-Sep-11, 21:23
Will be keeping my eye open Tilly and will be in touch immediately if i hear anything

08-Sep-11, 21:50
so sorry to hear that you have lost your dog, i imagine that you are worried sick. I hope you get him safe and well and in the meantime im going to be hypervigilant and look out for him

Tilly Teckel
08-Sep-11, 22:10
Thanks all - really appreciate the support :)

08-Sep-11, 22:31
What a handsome lad! Really hope you find him safely, I know how awful it must be for you. I'm in thurso, but I'll keep an eye out whenever I'm around. How terrible! He'll hopefully turn up soon. All my best xxx

Tilly Teckel
10-Sep-11, 20:35
Still no luck :~( If anyone out there is into Lurchers, rabbiting etc. please could you look for him when you're out and about with your dogs? Also, if you get offered a similar-looking dog for sale please get in touch and let us know. We don't want to get anyone into trouble but we're worried sick about him.

Thanks again.

14-Sep-11, 14:13
Is there any word on him yet?

Tilly Teckel
14-Sep-11, 16:45
Nothing at all :(

Had a good chat with the dog warden last night, and it's good to know so many people are keeping a look out for him. He's on every website I can find, posters are up all over and we've spread the word so now it's just hoping for the best. It's just a nightmare not knowing where he is.

14-Sep-11, 22:21
What a worry for you! I'm keeping everything crossed that you'll have some good news soon.

He's a handsome fellow.

Tilly Teckel
15-Sep-11, 08:03
Thanks Moira - he is a little stunner x

15-Sep-11, 18:06
Have you tried going out round the area with other dogs, sometimes they will find things we don't

15-Sep-11, 21:51
So sorry to hear you haven't found him yet. I really hope you do find him safe and sound and soon! Has there been any sightings of him? Must be heartbreaking! Hoping all the best for your poor little dog and you, and I'll continue to keep an eye out around caithness xxx

Tilly Teckel
15-Sep-11, 23:35
Thanks guys. Yes, we took one of our other dogs to search the area but no luck. If he got off the hill land there he would have got onto roads he knows - we also ran the other dog along the road from there back to our house to leave a scent trail.

We really are at our wits end about it all - it's the not knowing that kills you. We're as sure as we can be that he's not lying dead or injured on the roads around the area. If he was still out wandering I would have thought someone would have seen him by now as he's likely to go toward people. I don't think he would have crossed the road he knew to go onto another area of hill ground he wasn't familiar with. So the only logical option is that he got onto the road and someone happened upon him and picked him up while we were still out searching. Any decent person would have reported him immediately so we have to assume it's not a decent person and they mean to keep him or sell him on.

We have lots of people on the case, many of them people who work running dogs like ours, and someone will see him sooner or later. You can rest assured we will not be giving up on him - if he's out there somewhere we will find him.

Thanks again for all the support, it's really keeping us going x

20-Sep-11, 19:34
So sorry to hear you haven't found him yet. if you need any help looking or anything anything else then please let us know, we'll do whatever we can to help.

Tilly Teckel
20-Sep-11, 23:04
Thanks Porshiepoo, much appreciated. To be honest we don't know where else to look. We've combed the area where he went missing, scanned along the roads in the area in case (God forbid) he's in a ditch, but no sign of him. Our gut feeling is that he's with someone so I just hope that he's spotted and reported to us. Not knowing is so hard.

By the way, very glad to see you got your bird back :D

Tilly Teckel
21-Sep-11, 21:30
Many thanks to whoever made my thread a sticky. We're not giving up hope of finding our boy!

02-Oct-11, 11:33
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02-Oct-11, 13:00
i hope you find him well and safe, fingers crossed for you.

Tilly Teckel
02-Oct-11, 14:33
Thanks for your good wishes - we still haven't given up hope.

Also, thanks to the mods who removed some nasty posts from this thread - much appreciated.

02-Oct-11, 16:16
Still no luck!? Chances are someone pick your boy up and didn't think to report him. I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later (: xxx

mop top
02-Oct-11, 18:27
Really hoping he is safe and well and will turn up soon x

Tilly Teckel
02-Oct-11, 19:39
I agree - I do think someone has him. I just hope, if we don't get him back, that's he's happy and well-looked after.