View Full Version : full snake setup & 2 corn snakes

06-Sep-11, 21:09
For sale 2 corn snakes approx 4 feet long 1" girth.Very easily handled great feeders active day and night.They are unsexed but possibly breeding couple as dried egg sacks have been found in tankInclude is 4 foot jewel Aquarium and matching unit with purpose built lid. cave hide, 2 wood tunnel hides heat lighting and timer,heat pad, dim coloured lights for night time viewing, lots of vegetation, driftwood, fake vines water bowl and possibly food depending on how quick they are sold.Pm me for more pics or contact details

07-Sep-11, 14:42
Dont tempt me :( I would love more but just dont have the space! 1 viv is enough in my small house!! Hope you find them a good home! :)

08-Sep-11, 18:24
Here is link for a pic of full tank.http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/3555/p1010042ga.jpg

09-Sep-11, 22:22
Hi I am asking for a friend who is interested in your snakes can you give him a call 07593789577 thanks

30-Nov-11, 13:01
Still for sale - appologies for not getting back in touch with people. If still interested please PM me!