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06-Sep-11, 18:16
Charlie is a very handsome tri coloured red and white collie who was picked up as a stray, he was never claimed and has now been with kwk9 in a foster home for a couple of weeks where he is doing well. He is a young lad possibly a year or so. Friendly soul who likes the company of other dogs and people alike. Ideally we would love Charlie to have another doggy companion of similiar nature to himself. Someone with collie experience who understands the breed and will give him the mental stimulation and exercise that he needs. You can see his picture on the website wwwkwk9.org under the dogs needing homes section.

Could you have the home Charlie needs?

06-Sep-11, 19:27
I've met Charlie, as he lives nearby us, and he is really such a lovely little dog! Very friendly, and playful - don't think there's a bad bone in his body! We would have had him ourselves, but have our hands full with the two we have! Really hope he gets the loveliest of homes, all my best to him! :) xx

06-Sep-11, 20:45
Made this a "sticky" MopTop. All best wishes to Charlie on finding his forever home. :)

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07-Sep-11, 07:41
Thanks Miranda and Moira, thought there would have been a huge amount of interest in Charlie he is so handsome and lovely natured. Thanks to his foster dad and mum he is doing really well and will make someone a lovely dog.

His ideal home is out there we just have to find it. ;)

07-Sep-11, 16:18
Do you think he could live with cats?

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12-Sep-11, 12:19
Hi Sarah

Did try and pm you a few days ago.

charlie has not been officially cat tested but cannot forsee any major problems with him adapting to living with cats, he may need a few swipes to teach him who is boss. I would imagine if he has doggy companions to play with he will be far more interested in them to worry about fixating on cats.

12-Sep-11, 18:08
He sounds a lovely wee dog and I'm sure he'l get homed soon.

Dogs are "funny" with cats our Scorrie was use to cats and ignored them when we got him at 6 months but the minute he was introduced to our collie who hates cats they were chased.
I think its down to the new inviroment how he'd behave Sarha....go on you know you want to.lol

12-Sep-11, 18:58
It was actually for my Auntie, she is considering another dog after losing her Rough Collie but has 3 cats. I have passed the info on to her :D

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13-Sep-11, 09:41
Thanks Sarah

Fingers crossed :)

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21-Sep-11, 11:16
Delighted to say that Charlie has now found his new home and will be moving in tomorrow. An ideal home for him with lots of lovely long walks, a nice collie sister and experienced collie owners who will be able to provide him with the stimulation and understanding he needs

21-Sep-11, 11:49
Lucky Charlie! And well done once again to KWK9, Anne and all the fosterers..... you are doing a sterling job!

21-Sep-11, 21:00
Woo Hoo! Another happy story, well done to everyone involved. :D

I'll unstick this thread now.

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22-Sep-11, 17:55
Waved Charlie off today to start his new life. Another lovely dog who has found his ideal home.