View Full Version : just how common is cancer in our pets?

06-Sep-11, 17:58
I dont even want to think about it but we've found a lump on Delious back.

Its not bothering her its just there.

We lost our other collie three years ago to cancer which presented itself as a lump on her side.
Once the vet tried to remove it, she only got six months.

Part of me wants to do nothing as sometimes I blame myself for accelerating the process for Connie.

The "wee doggys" only eight.
Connie was ten when she died.

Just how common is cancer in our animals?.

One in three of humans are suppose to develop cancer,is it the same for our pets?

06-Sep-11, 18:03
It is very distressing for you when something threatens the health of your beloved pet. i lost my last two collies to cancer aged 13 and 12. My present collie has a lump but I took her to the vet and they aspirated it and it is only fatty tissue and harmless. Perhaps you could save yourself some worry if you got Delious checked out. I know it is a big thought to take this step but you could be worrying for nothing.

06-Sep-11, 18:07
Thank you for your kind words.

I know she needs to go but its just so dam hard .I still miss my "shadow" and to even think about losing my "blanket".is unbearable.
The wee dog curls up beside me every night on the couch.

we call her our "catdog" lol

06-Sep-11, 19:27
Don't assume the worst, cuddlepop. As Aidipi said, fatty cysts are very common in dogs. Palpate the lump you found: is it loose in the skin or attached to underlying tissue? Is it a smooth rounded shape or irregular surface? If it is loose and smooth it is most likely to be something like a fatty cyst. If it is not, then the quicker it gets looked at the better the outcome.

Pets often do get cancerous diseases. Some have a propensity because of their breed. Others because of their sex. Just like human beings as they age. The thing about some types of cancer in pets is that some are eminently preventable by spaying or castration. The incidence of mammary cancer in bitches which are spayed before their first season is negligible, for example.

06-Sep-11, 20:20
Thanks Ju,its like anything else in life once you've had some hard knocks you expect the worst.

The lump moves and sometimes disappears so its difficult to tell whats going on.
She's been dressed as was Connie as we know how important it is to prevent "cancer".

07-Sep-11, 13:15
Aw hun you're going to worry anyway so why not take Delious to the vet and get the lump checked out?

It is only natural that we worry about finding lumps and bumps on our pets, and even more so with you since you lost Connie, but most of them are completely benign.
Dogs are prone to fatty lumps when they get a bit older so this is probably what it is.

Stop blaming yourself for what happened to Connie!!! It was not your fault. :(

If you have only just noticed the lump why don't you just give it a week or so to see whether it goes away? It might be to do with her allergy to the privet?
Try bathing it in a saline solution (1 tspn salt to 1 pint boiled water) and see whether this helps.

We're all here to support you. xx

07-Sep-11, 14:49
We're going to my brothers tomorrow so I'm going to see if he can find it and then we'll take it from there.

Its Scorrie that got the allergy so maybe she's looking for attention.....if only.

07-Sep-11, 16:20
I truly think it depends on the animal. I have had 6 dogs, none got cancer, despite bone cancer being common in greyhounds. 3 cats, no cancer. About 40 small animals and no cancer.

I don't know how common it is, but I would think if it is common, I would have experienced it at some point in all my animals.

Thinking of your doggy and hoping for the best.

08-Sep-11, 12:06
We're going to my brothers tomorrow so I'm going to see if he can find it and then we'll take it from there.

Its Scorrie that got the allergy so maybe she's looking for attention.....if only.

Oops sorry for getting your doggies mixed up! :)

Hope everything will be okay hun. xx