View Full Version : Viking Motors ref 19th sept 2011

05-Sep-11, 08:44
Our apologies in advance, but we will be closed and not contactable that day until probably after tea time, michael is taking me to inverness to have a lump removed from my eye so we should be back as normal on the 20th :)

Apologies again for any inconvenience

05-Sep-11, 11:06
good luck for the 19th and very other day xx

05-Sep-11, 16:27
Good luck from me too.

05-Sep-11, 16:52
Tugs I am saying nothing!!!!!! I just get into trouble on the Org [lol]

05-Sep-11, 18:18
lol G, you say what you like, as far as i am concerned if someone else knows then i don't mind it being known if that makes sense lol

thank you folks, as far as we know we will be back up later in the day so business will be as usual on tuesday the 20th :)