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05-Oct-06, 18:11
As the puffin threads have shown, ther are quite a lot of dead or dying seabirds being found on the local beaches right now.

Could anyone who finds any dead or dying seabiirds please post here. The number of birds, species if known, and where. Any other usefull information on the weather sea state etc could also be helpfull.

Many thanks

05-Oct-06, 21:29
Last weekend my fiance found two seabirds (i think they were gillimots) on scrabster beach when he was taking his jet ski out. One was young and one was an older bird. (He thought it was mother and son/daughter). The mother was not in a very good state so he took it into the truck and put it under the heater to keep it warm. Eventually this bird died but we took the younger one out to Balmore as it would not have survived if it was left there.

This was on Scrabster beach where we walk our dogs regularly. Since then we have seen several dead birds of the same variety lying on the beach. They do not appear to be in poor condition or covered in oil etc.It seems very strange.

I think in the past couple of weeks we have maybe seen 8 or 9 dead ones on the beach.

07-Oct-06, 22:01
I went for a walk about 4 weeks ago along Dunnet beach and was shocked by the number of dead birds. The first one I noticed was an adult Gannet which had not been dead long, then lots of others (unable to tell type)all along the beach washed up with the seaweed, mostle they had been dead for longer.
The weather had not been bad and I was a bit concerned.

08-Oct-06, 00:02
Haven't heard much about bird flu' recently. I know that starvation seems to be the accepted reason for all the fatalities but.....

08-Oct-06, 12:56
I was on Reiss beach last Monday and saw well over 12 dead birds on the beach - some were seagulls not sure what the others were but it is the highest amount i have seen in a long time. The sea was quite rough and there was a brownish scum left on the sand as the tide was coming in.