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jim shoe
05-Oct-06, 18:08
Hi im Jimshoes little sister plimsole

does anyone know why the blood bank at caithness general was closed last night.

it appears that on the morayfirth radio news it said bloods were contaminated

my mum recieved bloods on monday and was very ill

05-Oct-06, 18:27

A piece about the same story here.

I hope your Mum is okay.

06-Oct-06, 02:33
Apparently it is to do with blood documentation, the blood given to patients is ok. sometimes people who have had transfusions feel ill afterwards and a doctor should then be contacted.

06-Oct-06, 09:06
All patients that were booked in for operations next week in Caithness General are now being transfered to Raigmore in Inverness.