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02-Sep-11, 23:00

I have recently created a new forum of which is free, its not really a business but a meeting place for all involved with the arts. This forum came into being in the hopes that local and national art events are not kept on someones desk or to-do list share and inform. I also wanted a place to create a sense of community as some of you know art can be an insular practice and when you lift it up from your canvas who can you glow to?

I found that the art community in Caithness and the Highlands has become fragmented and communication for artists in this area is sparse. When local exhibitions and shows are being posted the information is only getting to about 10% of the artists.

I created Highland Arts Hub which is a forum for communication between galleries, organisations, latest news and opportunities plus for artists to talk to other likeminded people. The miscommunication has caused frustration with quite a few people but no one had put anything into effect.

My hope is establishing communication and in helping you view new works and discussing new works, projects and ideas.

I am hoping that this forum will be of benefit to all aspects of Art. I hope you will participate in this venture.

Kind regards
Deanne Macleod - Local Artist
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03-Sep-11, 12:39
Sorry but i cant get the link to work!!

04-Sep-11, 01:41

For some reason the link was going straight to my email server this should work now

21-Sep-11, 02:20
Well the forum is running well and have loads of information about Galleries, opportunities - please come check it out. Doesn't matter whether you are an artist - painter, crafts, glass, ceramic, wood etc or an art lover who likes to know what is on around Caithness and Highlands.

See you on the forum

21-Sep-11, 12:15
Just tried to register but no joy! Will give it a go later,perhaps site is just busy. Will definately join though :)