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02-Sep-11, 15:12
Hi, Reposting still missing our Ginger and white tom cat called Boots. Have heard that he is still in the Spring Park area of Thurso, very large and battle scarred (both ears torn) and very vocal. Been missing several weeks now apparent sightings of him near Tescos. If anyone sees him please PM as am now getting worried. Cats Protection and Balmore been informed but please keep ur eyes open. If further descriptions needed PM me...Thanks

02-Sep-11, 23:15
There is a bonny ginger and white cat that I keep meeting around and crossing the Ellan bridge, I wouldn't say battle scarred at all though, he was walking along the rails on Wednesday. I wonder if thats the cat being reported?

03-Sep-11, 12:33
Hi......As I said in original posting his ears are torn need to try and upload a picture which would help..lol Cheers for input if seen again please check and PM me.....Thanks