View Full Version : Caithness Cats Protection

02-Sep-11, 13:02
Check out their great new website! www.cats.org.uk

They do such a great work so if you can help them in any way that would be great! :(

02-Sep-11, 20:35
Made this a sticky Liz to keep it at the top of the board. :)

02-Sep-11, 21:41
Do you know where abouts the caithness branch is located?

Thanks (:

03-Sep-11, 17:48
Hi Miranda
The cats are fostered with individual people, so they are scattered throughout the area.
BTW the weblink specifically for caithness branch is http://www.cats.org.uk/caithness

03-Sep-11, 18:29
Thanks for clarifying that therealducati.

I'll lock the thread now as it was made a sticky to highlight the new website and not meant as a discussion thread.

All best. :)